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Accelerating your Molecular Biology Discoveries Original Manufacturer 450+ Research tools 

Are you looking for more powerful tools to Accelerate your Discoveries?

Discover our 450+ Molecular Biology tools for your research

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What makes us so Special?

We try harder! Canvax´s 26 employee works very hard to satisfy your research needs and help you achieve your goals, thanks to our:


Best quality innovative products

Our products are developed from our advanced R&D and follows a rigorous validation process, ensuring the most accurate, reliable and easy to use performance.


Best in class Technical Support

Your doubts will be answered by the same scientists who are used to daily work to produce, validate and research with our products, providing you a fast and expert answer.


Cost-effective solutions

As Scientists we understand the importance of reducing your reagents, time and sample expenditures, offering you an important price savings and promotions.


Accurate and trusted information

All catalogue descriptions, features, advantages, applications, quality controls, and other information are accurate, guaranteed and covered by Canvax.

Easy ordering adapted to meet your needs