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pColiExpress™ LIC Cloning & Expression Kits

Highly Efficient & Versatile Protein Expression System in E. coli from PCR fragment cloned

pColiExpress™ LIC Cloning & Expression Kits are a highly efficient, versatile and fast System of DNA Cloning vectors for Protein Expression in E. coli. All family Systems are based in directional ligase-independent-cloning (LIC) technology, a rapid procedure that provides high-cloning efficiencies and the fast production of a large quantity of any desired Protein.

Advantages & Features

  • Ready-to-use vectors.
  • Highly efficient Cloning System with Higher Protein Expression levels.
  • Special design that allows the Cell to keep larger numbers of copies than other plasmids with ori pBR322.
  • Linearized vector: ready for ligation with your PCR amplified with the recommended Primers.
  • Minimum background: lower than 1%.
  • Time-saving protocol: avoids any step required after PCR.
  • Cost avoidance: avoids the use of expensive Phosphorylated Primers.
  • Versatility: cloning of PCR fragments amplified with any type of DNA Polymerase.
  • Risk-free: product covered by our Quality 100% Guarantee.
pColiExpress™ LIC Cloning & Expression Kit

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