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Exceptional Sensitivity, Specificity & Performance for Real-Time PCR

Quantitative PCR (qPCR), also known as Real-Time PCR, has become a relevant tool in all Life Sciences labs, due its ability for simultaneously detection and quantification of DNA or RNA. Canvax™ qMAXSen™ MasterMixes incorporates the most updated technologies and contains all the components required for real-time PCR, except sample DNA and Primers.

qMAXSen™  qPCR MasterMixes offers an Exceptional Sensitivity and Performance for the two most used qPCR methods: intercalating Green Dyes based or Probe-based assays.

Also shows a great versatility due its compability with the most used real-time PCR instruments and includes the option of ROX™ as the internal passive reference dye which the reporter-dye signal can be normalized during data analysis.

Advantages & Features:

  • Exceptional Sensitivity.
  • High Specificity.
  • Versatile: compatible with most used real-time PCR instruments.
  • Convenient: includes internal passive reference dye.
  • Great signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Accurate Quantification of a variety of gene targets.
  • Safe: minimize contamination risk due its optimized protocol that reduces pipetting steps.
  • Risk-free: product covered by our Quality 100% Guarantee.
qPCR MasterMixes

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