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Canvax™, is always interested on introducing new products, technologies or concepts (e.g. purchase or license), collaborative proposals and Partnerships, with other Companies, Institutions, Research Institutes or Universities globally.

If you have something interesting to offer us, please fill out the form and one of our Business Development Representatives will be glad to analyse your proposal.


Some of the benefits of collaborating with Canvax™:

  • Increase the revenues for your lab, thanks to an adequate Royalty based on your product’s sales globally at the whole Canvax™ Distribution network.
  • Cost reduction thanks to no investment in marketing, sales or logistics, and a higher production scale of your products.
  • Canvax™ brand always provides a Guarantee of reliability, cost-effective and easy-to-use Innovative tools to its customers.
  • And more benefits, related with Marketing, Manufacturing Costs, Logistics, Scientific Support…

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