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Research Group like yours saves 39.022 €/ year [Case Study]

To help you grow your Discoveries, we’re revealing a Real Case Study for a Research Lab that saves 39.022 €/ year thanks to Canvax™ Products.

Marta, a Lab Manager from a Research Center in Spain, was tired of pay high prices from some of its suppliers. Thus, she started to look for new suppliers until she found and contact us. Some days later, she received a visit from her Official Canvax™ Distributor. In the beginning, she was worried about the performance of the products due the huge price difference. Until she tested the samples. She was surprised. Similar Performance, Big Savings. Guaranteed.

Below it is the Comparison Chart that our Distributor sent to Marta, where it is showed its Most Used Products, annual Comsumptions, volumes, Previous Supplier Prices and Canvax™ Price List:

Lab Case Study

* Note: Prices may vary between countries, because additional cost may be applied due taxes, shipments or Custom fees.

As you can observe, Marta saves now 39.022 €/year only using 10 different products with analogous performance. Thanks to this savings, Marta just hired a new Technician and Purchase a new Equipment that she needs  since 2 years.

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