Citations Rewards Program

Have you published a research article using Canvax™ Products?

Every Customer who provides us a product Citation in a published Article (in e.g. Materials and Methods section) or originally written Application Note and allows us to include on our website and use it as a reference or link, will receive  a Free Product.



  • Free product will be received by the first member of the team mentioned on the article who contact us.
  • Accepted only once per article.
  • By participating in this campaign, you implicitly accept all its terms and possible uses of your material for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • In order to be accepted, articles must be submitted to Canvax within 6 months of the online publication date of the subject article.
  • The product free of Charge delivered to Customer would be the same mentioned in -S size, and may be not shipped immediately due a logistical affairs.


To submit your Publication, please complete the form on the right.

For info request, please contact us at info@canvaxbio.com.

  • Canvax reserves the right to change/cancel this program at any time, without notice, and is under no obligation to grant or deny any submission, outside of the timing when this program is available.
  • Canvax could deny a grant if considers that other rules, don’t written in this website but implied, are unfulfilled.
  • Maximum one Reward per Customer/year.

Citations Rewards Request

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