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Cytokines & Growth Factors

Customizable, Consistent and Animal-free solutions to advance your Cell Therapies

Our experience in recombinant enzyme productions and  molecular biology reagents make us a world-class supplier for the Cytokines and Growth Factors. These proteins required for cell activation, diferentiation and amplification are used daily in hundreds of labs worldwide distributed.


Being an original manufacturer of our products allows us to offer to our customers a high variety of options and flexibility to meet their unique needs. To be adapted to a broad range of applications, Canvax™ can customize the manufacturing of these products from Research-grade to cGMP-grade.


Interleukins (IL) and Growth factors are functional proteins that activates and promotes the differentiation of immune cells inducing their proliferation, maturation, migration and/or adhesion. They belong to the cytokines family of proteins overexpressed by leukocytes and also by other body cells. With pro- or anti-inflammatory properties, they then modulate the growth, differentiation and activation during inflammatory and immune responses. Cytokines are proteins made in response to pathogens and other antigens that regulate and mediate inflammatory and immune responses.


They are a large group of proteins, in continuous expansion, with many specificities and functions eliciting many reactions after their binding to its high-affinity receptors in cell surfaces. There are even examples of redundant functions like IL-4 & IL-5 and IL-13 ie. stimulating the B-cells differentiation. For this importance and diversity, they play a central role in many academic or basic scientific research but also in therapeutic studies applied in clinical medicine.


During the manufacturing process of immune Cell Therapy products, these kind of proteins are used as ancillary reagents cell activation and amplification. Worldwide Pharmacopoeias are regulating their use, so the importance to assure the enough quality supply is key for the sucess of your project using them.

As highly customized products, Prices, Data Sheets, User Manuals & more Additional Info are available upon request. If you are interested to receive a Fast, Free & No-Obligation Quotation directly in your mail, visit Quote Request. As well, to solve any doubt about a Product before purchase it, contact our Expert Technical Team.

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Some examples of products that we had manufacture during the last year, in gram-scale, meeting customer needs with short lead times are:











Fibroblast Growth Factor-basic (FGF2)

Insulin-like Growth Factor I (IGF)

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF)


If you are interested in a different Cytokines & Growth Factors, please Contact us, a representative from our Business Development team will get in touch with you soon.

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