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Canvax™ is a leading ​Spanish Manufacturer & Supplier of of 450+ High Quality, Cost-effective and Easy-to-use Highly Innovative Molecular & Cell Biology solutions, services, kits and R&D Reagents that accelerates Scientists Success since 2001.

With several Awards as relevant Innovative Company, and based in Córdoba (Spain), since its foundation Canvax™ has focused on R&D of multiplex high throughput platforms (HTS) for Drug discovery and Diagnostic applied Biosensors. Over a decade later, Canvax is a worldwide leading expert in Molecular Biology and GPCR Expression in Heterologous Cells, with important Patents and exclusive Know-how. Canvax prides itself to be the First Company Worldwide to Established Stable High-Level Expression of Odour GPCRs into Heterologous Cell Lines in 2014.

Canvax™ are searching for reputable Distribution Partners with an extensive Molecular & Cell Biology experience and Life Science Industry Knowledge. We offer a win-win partnerships, best Economical Conditions to Distributors, Highly Innovative Products and great Marketing tools.

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