Canvax Biotech, Villapharma Research S.L. and Proteros Biostructures Gmbh announce FRIDASTEM, a Eurostars awarded consortium for Drug Discovery and Development targeting Cancer Stem Cells.

Date: 2016-05-31 by Canvax
Canvax Biotech, Villapharma Research S.L. and Proteros Biostructures Gmbh announce FRIDASTEM, a Eurostars awarded consortium for Drug Discovery and  Development targeting Cancer Stem Cells.

FRIDASTEM platform has been established with the aim to accelerate small molecule drug discovery against specific kinases and GPCRs involved in Cancer Stem Cells (CSC) proliferation, migration, invasion or metastasis. CSC are believed to be the cause of resistance to current cancer therapies. The drug discovery of drugs targeting this population of cells within a tumoris therefore of high importance to fight cancer. The FRIDASTEM platform combines screening technologies for kinase and GPCRs with high quality libraries of at least 40,000 novel compounds together with protein crystallization and medicinal chemistry expertise to drive CSC projects from early discovery to lead optimisation.

Elier Paz, Managing Director at Canvax, comments: “We have been developing drugs targeting CSCs for the last 4 years together with experts from public institutions such as the University of Granada Prof. Juan Marchal, and we are delighted to join efforts with Villapharma and Proteros which give us a strongest perspective and pharmaceutical expertise through the whole process from hit discovery to lead optimization.”

José Manuel Villalgordo, Research Manager and CEO at Villapharma, comments: “We are delighted to be part of FRIDASTEM and to be able to be working with experts like Canvax and Proteros in the field of CSC. Our people at Villapharma have extensive medicinal chemistry expertise in general in kinases and GPCRs and together with the FRIDASTEM partners, we should be able to leverage this knowledge in the field of CSC in order to develop new cancer therapies.”

Peter Reinemer, Chief Operating Officer of Proteros, stated: “We are very pleased to be part of the FRIDASTEM consortium. This collaboration is a unique opportunity to build and deploy the platform for CSC drug discovery, using also Proteros´ unique capabilities and expertise in structural biology and structure-driven medicinal chemistry.  We believe that this collaboration will generate valuable lead compounds for indications with high medical need.”


About Canvax Biotech

Canvax Biotech was founded in 2001 focused on developing multiplex technologies such as high throughput platforms (HTS) for Drug discovery and Diagnostic applied biosensors. Over a decade later, Canvax is a worldwide leading expert in GPCR expression in heterologous cells, with important patents and exclusive know-how. Canvax is developing drugs targeting CSCs in collaboration with University of Granada. Find out more at

About Villapharma Research S.L.

Villapharma Research S.L. was founded in 2003 as an independent and privately owned company. The company has the mission to provide the global biopharmaceutical industry with unique and high-value collections of molecules based upon novel scaffolds that can be ultimately developed into new patentable medicines. Within its state of the art facilities, the main areas of expertise are focused on rapid, parallel synthesis of new and advanced versatile building blocks for medchem programs. Villapharma holds a large set of privileged core structures from which a proprietary library has been produced. The core strengths rely on a highly dedicated team of experienced chemists and on the use of cutting-edge medicinal chemistry strategies and technologies capable to give a rapid and efficient answer to the needs of our drug discovery partners and clients. More information can be found at

About Proteros biostructures

Proteros, Martinsried/Munich, is a Germany based, privately held biotech company focused on opening gateways to unprecedented targets based on its unique expertise and understanding of protein-small molecule interactions. Co-founded by Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Huber, the company is today working for most of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Proteros is market leader in protein crystallography and provides one of the largest and most powerful platforms for structure guided drug discovery. Based on this expertise Proteros has built a pipeline of partnered and proprietary discovery projects. More information can be found at


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