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In Vitro Transcription

Ready-to-use ultra-high yield Solutions for an Accurate and trusted results in your lab

Our ready-to-use ultra-high yield In Vitro Transcription Enzymes and RNA Synthesis Kits are critical tools for every day for  labs focused on mRNA synthesys to get an accurate and trusted results for  template generation, transcription, capping, tailing, avoiding inhibition or clean-up.

We offer a broad portfolio for In Vitro Transcription Enzymes (IVT Enzymes), including a ready-to-use ultra-high yield enzymes, like T7 RNA Polymerase, SP6 RNA Polymerase, Vaccinia Capping, Poly A, RNAse Inhibitor, DNAse I or Inorganic Pyrophosphatase. Canvax™ In Vitro Transcription Enzymes are also availables under GMP Grade.

In RNA Synthesis, we offer kits for Poly(A) Tailing, SP6 Transcription, T7 ARCA mRNA Synthesis,  T7 RNA Synthesis, T7 Digoxigenin RNA Labeling, T7 Fluorescein RNA Labeling or T7 Biotin16 RNA Labeling.


mRNA transcription

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