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In Vitro Transcription GMP Grade

Customizable, Consistent and Animal-free solutions to advance your challenges from Lab to Commercial RNA synthesis

Our experience in recombinant Enzyme Productions and Molecular Biology reagents make us a world-class supplier for the enzymes required for the In Vitro Transcription.


Enzymes required for the template generation and transcription, capping, tailing, avoiding inhibition and cleanup after synthesis are used daily in hundreds of labs focused on mRNA synthesis.


Being an original manufacturer of our products allows us to offer to our customers a high variety of options and flexibility to meet their unique needs. To be adapted to a broad range of applications, Canvax can customize the manufacturing of these products from Research-grade to cGMP-grade. It enables lab-scale to commercial-scale mRNA manufacturing in few weeks.


Our production facilities are designed and ready to fulfill your requirements in terms of formats and times, quality and quantities expediting the transitions from research to large-scale therapeutic mRNA manufacturing.


mRNA transcription

t7 rna polymerase

As highly customized products, Prices, Data Sheets, User Manuals & more Additional Info are available upon request. If you are interested to receive a Fast, Free & No-Obligation Quotation directly in your mail, visit Quote Request. As well, to solve any doubt about a Product before purchase it, contact our Expert Technical Team.

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The Canvax™ portfolio of In Vitro Transcription Enzymes are continuously expanded and adapted. Currently the main references are:


    • T7 RNA Polymerase: highly specific for the T7 phage promoter to start the transcription. It is one of the most used option for the in vitro mRNA synthesis.
    • SP6 RNA Polymerase: highly specific for a high specificity for bacteriophage SP6 promoter sequences.
    • Vaccinia Capping Enzyme: catalyzes the addition of 7-methylguanylate cap structures (Cap 0) to the 5′ end of RNA.
    • Poly A Polymerase: catalyzes the addition of several adenosine residues (polyA tail) onto the 3′ ends of RNA.
    • mRNA Cap 2-O-Methyltransferase: catalyzes the addition of a methyl group at the 2′-O position of the first nucleotide adjacent to the cap structure at the 5′ end of the RNA
    • RNAse Inhibitor: helps to avoid any RNAse activity in the transcription reactions.
    • Inorganic Pyrophosphatase: PPase catalyzes the hydrolysis of inorganic pyrophosphate to form orthophosphate.
    • DNAse I: is a DNA-specific endonuclease used to eliminate DNA templates from transcription reactions.


If you are interested in a different IVT Enzymes, under GMP Grade, please Contact us, a representative from our Business Development team will get in touch with you soon.

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