life sciences commitments

Our Commitments

We try harder! Canvax™´s 55 employees works very hard to satisfy your research needs and help you achieve your goals, thanks to our:

Best Quality Innovative Products

Our products are developed from our advanced R&D and follows a rigorous validation process, ensuring the most Accurate, Reliable and Easy-to-use Performance.

Best-in-class Technical Support

Your doubts will be answered by the same Scientists who are used to daily work to produce, validate and research with our products, providing you a fast and Expert Answer.

Cost-effective solutions

As Scientists we understand the importance of reducing your reagents, time and sample expenditures, offering you an important price savings and promotions.

Accurate & Trusted information

All Catalog Descriptions, Features, Advantages, Applications, Quality controls, and other information are Accurate, Guaranteed and Covered by Canvax.