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Canvax™ Trademarks encompass a broad spectrum of Life Science solutions which include DNA Cloning, Mammalian & Bacterial Expression, Dual Reporters, GPCRs, Cell Transfection, Cell & Molecule Detection Assays, DNA & RNA Purification Kits, PCR Essentials, Agaroses, Recombinant Proteins, Antibiotics, Antibodies, Serum, and Buffers & Reagents. 


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Agaroses: AgaPure™
Bacterial Expression: pColiExpress™
Bicistronic Mammalian Expression: pOnebyOne™
Cell Transfection: CANFAST™
Chemically Competent cells: CVX5α™
DNA & RNA Purification: HigherPurity™, WideUSE™ & Clean-Easy™
DNA Cloning: pSpark® & pMBL-T™
DNA Ladders: BrightMAX™
Dual Reporters: FastCONTROL™
Expression-ready Human GPCR ORF Clones: ExpressMAX™
Mutagenesis: PickMutant™
Nucleotides: TruePure™
Packaging Systems: pASSEMBLE™
PCR: Horse-Power™, Hotbegan™ & FastPANGEA™

qPCR: qMAXSen™