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High Quality Molecular Biology Grade Agaroses with Proven Performance in most used Applications

Agarose is a medium used in Molecular Biology for analytical scale electrophoretic separation in Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, due its non-toxic and broad separation range. AgaPureAgaroses are based on a novel technology that enhances its performance thanks to its high purity and reliability with reduced error rates. It includes the most common products like, Low EEO (Standard), Low melting, High resolution or Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis Agaroses​​.

Advantages & Features:

  • Performance Enhanced: thanks to its High Purity and Reliability with reduced error rates.
  • Highest quality: free of DNase, RNase, electrically neutral and Biologically inert.
  • Exceptional clarity: improves Visualization, even at high concentrations.
  • Low background: low absorption of staining agents.
AgaPure™ Agarose LE (Standard Agarose)

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Molecular Biology Grade Agaroses

Tablet Format

Loading & Staining

AgaPure™ Agarose LE, Low EEO (Standard) AgaPure™ Agarose Tablets GreenSafe DNA Gel Stain
AgaPure™ Agarose LM, Low Melting AgaPure™ GreenSafe Agarose Tablets
AgaPure™ Agarose HR, High Resolution
AgaPure™ PFGE Agarose, Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis​​


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