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DNA & RNA Extraction Kits

For Reliable, Easy & Fast Extraction of High-Quality and High-Purity Genomic DNA/RNA from a wide range of starting materials

As you know, Sample preparation is a relevant step to get the success in your research. For this reason, Canvax™ Extraction kits are designed for a reliable, easy and fast purification of high-quality and high-purity genomic DNA/RNA from a wide range of starting materials, like Blood, Buccal Swab, Buccal Saliva, Tissues, Cultured cells, Stool samples, Plant tissues, Soil samples, Bacteria, Yeast, Plasmid, PCR mixtures, Agarose gel slices or Serum.

Our breakthrough and proprietary technologies HigherPurity™,  CleanEasy™ and WideUSE™ improves the most common Extraction methods conferring the obtained DNA and RNA a proven optimal performance for all downstream applications, such as PCR, qPCR, NGS, Cloning, STR Analysis or Gene Expression.

HigherPurity™ Plant DNA Extraction Kit

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