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Bicistronic/Multicistronic Mammalian Expression Kits

Extremely Efficient lineal Systems Ready-to-clone your PCR Gene & Express your Protein of Interest

pOnebyOne™ are efficient, accurate and flexible Bicistronic Mammalian Expression Kits that contains an Expression Cassette based in 2A sequence breakthrough technology.

Its novel (patent pending) technology allows simultaneous Expression of two Proteins from the same mRNA. Cells transfected with Bicistronic vectors ensure that if one of the Proteins is present, the other one is also present.

Bicistronic Expression vectors are supported on viral elements: the IRES or 2A sequence. IRES has been widely used. It is a relative short sequence, around 600-700 bp, although this length could be a disadvantage in viral vectors where packaging capacity is limited. IRES based Expression vectors are characterized by a non-stoichiometric production of both proteins; generally there is a lower expression of the downstream gene.

Many 2A sequences from several families of viruses have been described for producing multiple polypeptides. 2A mediated cleavage is a universal phenomenon in all eukaryotic cells. With just 20 bp in length, the 2A sequence has been used succesfully to generate multiple proteins in some biological models: plants, zebrafish, transgenic mice or eukaryotic cell lines. Vectors based on 2A produce stoichiometric proportion of both proteins.

Canvax™ offers a ready-to-clone solution of your Gene of Interest, obtained by PCR, onto a wide collection of Bicistronic vectors based on 2A sequence. You can choose among different Promoters, selection Antibiotics or Reporter Genes.

Advantages & Features

  • Complete solution: a directional Cloning vector to clone and produce a Protein of Interest in Mammalian Systems.
  • Breakthrough technology: based in 2A sequence simultaneous expression of two proteins in Mammalian cells (a Protein of Interest and Reporter).
  • Highly efficient: cloning system tested with up to 4 kb inserts.
  • Time-saving cloning process: linearized vector ready-to-mix with your PCR fragment.
  • Easy-to-use: facilitates the selection of Positive Cells expressing the recombinant Gene of Interest. Only check that your gene is in frame with 2A-reporter.
  • Cost avoidance: avoids the use of expensive Restriction Enzymes. 
  • Really low experimental background: lower than 1%.
  • Convenient: available with different Resistance Marker cassettes.
  • Directional cloning: of PCR with the Gene of Interest.
  • Reporter checking: stoichiometric amount of your Protein of Interest and a Reporter Protein.
  • Risk-free: product covered by our Quality 100% Guarantee.
pOnebyOne™ Bicistronic Mammalian Expression

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