life sciences quality guarantee

Results or Refund: Risk-free Warranty

Our passion: Total Customer Satisfaction

Canvax™  is invested in Quality. We have  aligned its corporate culture, people, processes and work methodologies towards Total Customer Satisfaction. All our products are rigorously tested for all its detailed Applications to ensure that they meet or exceed our published performance Specifications. We will only earn your loyalty and trust by consistently delivering Reliable, Cost-effective and Easy-to-use products, Accurate Technical Information and Best-in-class Customer Service.

Our experienced staff runs several Quality Controls tests to each product lot prior to stocking. In addition, our professional team monitors the performance of our products every day by using them in Canvax™´s R&D activities.

Our Commitment: Superior Product Quality and Customer Service. Always.

For this reason, if a Canvax™ product fails to work as is described, our Expert Team will work with you to solve the issue. If this process is not successful, Canvax™ Guarantee you a free replacement or a 100% refund.

* Product must be within Expiration Date and have been stored and used following with its Data Sheet.