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cEDUx™ BioEducation Services

Customized, Complete and Easy-to-Implement Solutions for Educational Centers

Inside its catalog of 450+ Products and 300+ Services, Canvax™ has developed cEDUx™, a Custom Service that, based on the characteristics of each Educational Center, offers Kits for Laboratory Training for the BioEducation for all levels.

cEDUx™ includes:

  • Customized Protocols, adapted to students’ level, budget, stockage and equipment available.
  • Canvax™ supply all the necessary materials, in a single Kit, ready-to-start the Training.
  • Scientific Support for the Teacher by mail (in English or Spanish), to support them during the preparation process.


All Canvax™ cEDUx™ BioEducation Services offers the following Benefits and Advantages:

  • Includes the trendiest techniques, with higher demand from Companies and R&D Centers.
  • Attractive and easy-to-follow Protocols.
  • Difficulty adaptable to students’ level.
  • Total customization: fully customized service, considering the characteristics of each Center.
  • Complete solution: Canvax™ supplies all the necessary reagents and materials in one single Kit.
  • Cost-Effective: special sizes with necessary amounts for the Training. Don´t purchase more than you need!
  • Avoid complications: in one single Kit you will receive all the necessary materials, protocols, etc.
  • Wide range of Experiments for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics or Biochemistry.


Examples of cEDUx™ BioEducation Services developed successfully:

  • Fast Obtaining and Transformation of Competent Cells.
  • DNA Extraction and Purification from Genomic Buccal Swab/Saliva.
  • Recombinant Bacteria Identification by PCR Colonies.
  • Genetic Analysis.
  • Allergens Determination by ELISA.
  • Agarose Gels Electrophoresis.
  • E.coli Transformation with Fluorescent Proteins.
  • Detection of a Human Alu Element by PCR.

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