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DNA Extraction Services

Premium Quality Services made by Canvax™ PhD Team, that guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction

Canvax™ offers fast, high-quality and high-yield DNA Extraction Services using breakthrough and proprietary technologies HigherPurity™,  CleanEasy™ and WideUSE™, obtaining a Purified DNA for all downstream applications, such as PCR, qPCR, NGS, Cloning, STR Analysis or Gene Expression.

Some examples of starting materials we are use to daily work are:

  • Blood.
  • Plasmid.
  • Bacterial.
  • Yeast.
  • Plant.
  • Stool.
  • Soil.
  • FFPE.
  • Tissue.
  • Food.
  • Circulating DNA.
  • Viral DNA.


Advantages & Features

  • Highly Specialized & Largest Range: 300+ different Life Sciences Services availables.
  • Latest Equipment & Technologies: made in Canvax™ Headquarters, based in Córdoba (Spain), a 1,500 mfully-equipped lab.
  • Experienced Staff: Canvax™ PhD Team has an average 20+ years’ experience hands-on.
  • Cost-Advantage: due the use of Highly Innovative & Premium Quality Products, manufactured by Canvax™.
  • Trustworthy: Confidentiality Agreement, Technical Advice, regular updates, Go-No Go steps, and much more.
  • Custom-tailored & Modularized Services: to assure that every step meets your needs.
  • Bilingual Technical Support: for easier understanding, your inquiries would be answered in Spanish or English.

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Canvax™ have complete with great Results really different types of R&D Services, to Big Pharmaceuticals Companies, CROs, Industry, or Academia Research Centers worldwide. If you are interested in a Fast, Free & No-Obligation Quotation for your Project, please, visit Quote Request, even when your Project is not included in the listing or looks related.

About Canvax™

Since 2001, Canvax™ has been an Original Manufacturer & Supplier of the Most Innovative Solutions, Services, Kits and R&D Reagents inside the Life Sciences field. Awarded as Most Innovative Company in 2014, with 10 Technologies Patented Worldwide or Unprecedented Milestones achieved, Canvax™ markets all its unmatched know-how, exclusive Expertise and worldwide leading R&D knowledge through its Reliable, Cost-effective and Easy-to-use Innovative Solutions.

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