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Phytopathological Services

Premium Quality Services made by Canvax™ PhD Team, that guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to our deep know-how, Canvax™ offers high-level Services like:

  • Xylella fastidiosa Diagnosis.
  • Detection of Verticillium dahliae in Soil and Plants.
  • Detection of Pseudomonas savastanoi, causal agent of olive
    knot, in plant by Molecular Techniques.
  • Identification of phathotype of Verticillium isolates by Molecular
  • Detection of Phytophthora in oak and cork oak (Plant and Soil).
  • Detection and diagnostics of Plant Pathogens (several crops).
  • Trials on the efficacy of experimental products against olive
    diseases (Verticillium wilt, olive leaf spot, olive knot, leprosy…, etc.) in  controlled conditions (inoculation methods) and natural conditions.


Our Services includes the complete results reports, recommendations and
treatments for each diagnosed disease.


Advantages & Features

  • Highly Specialized & Largest Range: 300+ different Life Sciences Services availables.
  • Latest Equipment & Technologies: made in Canvax™ Headquarters, based in Córdoba (Spain), a 1,500 mfully-equipped lab.
  • Experienced Staff: Canvax™ PhD Team has an average 20+ years’ experience hands-on.
  • Cost-Advantage: due the use of Highly Innovative & Premium Quality Products, manufactured by Canvax™.
  • Trustworthy: Confidentiality Agreement, Technical Advice, regular updates, Go-No Go steps, and much more.
  • Custom-tailored & Modularized Services: to assure that every step meets your needs.
  • Bilingual Technical Support: for easier understanding, your inquiries would be answered in Spanish or English.

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About Canvax™

Since 2001, Canvax™ has been an Original Manufacturer & Supplier of the Most Innovative Solutions, Services, Kits and R&D Reagents inside the Life Sciences field. Awarded as Most Innovative Company in 2014, with 10 Technologies Patented Worldwide or Unprecedented Milestones achieved, Canvax™ markets all its unmatched know-how, exclusive Expertise and worldwide leading R&D knowledge through its Reliable, Cost-effective and Easy-to-use Innovative Solutions.

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